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Oriental medicine is a diverse medical science and art that has been in practice — for well over 2000 years — in the Asian culture and has steadily gained wide acceptance in the United States in the past 40 years for one simple reason: it works.

Oriental Medicine is an umbrella term that is understood to include all the different aspects of the medicine; it is an ancient medicine but it is continually evolving and now includes many modern techniques.

The ancient medicine’s backbone has always been the Chinese medicinal herbs with written prescription references going back to the age of the new era. Many of the prescriptions written today are based on the ancient prescriptions and are hardly changed! People worldwide have always suffered from common ailments such as chills, fever, diabetes, morning sickness, acid reflux, etc and were just as interested as we are now to find ways to alleviate the pain and suffering associated with their ailments. Acupuncture, also an ancient aspect of medicine, has evolved from crudely sharpened bone and stone needles to hair-fine, sterile stainless steel needles. Moxibustion, the induction of heat into the body by a variety of different means, is just as welcome today by people hurting with knee and back pain. Newer aspects of the medicine include treatment with magnets, electro-acupuncture, therapeutic lasers and CBD tinctures & ointments and creams. We are only limited by our creativity in combining the old with the new.

Clients may come in with a diagnosed ‘western’ medical condition and we work in conjunction with your medical doctor and your prescription meds to give you the best care. Alternatively, you don’t need a western medical condition to be treated with Oriental medicine. We have our own diagnostic categories that are based on the presenting symptoms, medical history and traditional styles of examination; we also take into consideration diet, lifestyle, and emotions. Oriental medicine acknowledges that every part of the body affects the whole. Treatment is customized to the individual and addresses the whole person as well as focusing on particular symptoms.

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