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Some medical conditions, like very disruptive menopause symptoms,  are best treated by herbal medicine, alone, or in conjunction with acupuncture and auricular (ear) acupuncture.  Unlike weekly acupuncture, which in the United States in generally done weekly, due to time and financial constraint, herbs are taken in to the body several times a day and bathe every cell with their internal healing properties.  They are extremely effective!

Chinese medical herbs work synergistically in the body by augmenting, dispersing, calming, warming, etc. depending on the desired effect and are safe when prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner.

There are several different options available offered by herbalist, Susan, at the Be Well Holistic Center.  For complicated cases requiring a completely customized prescription, 12-16 herbs are written into a 98-gram weekly formula that is faxed to an herbal pharmacy in Quincy, where it is overseen by Dr. Tao Xie, filled, and mailed out directly to the your home. The herbs come ground and powered. Patients mix them with water and drink them down 2 times per day. For straightforward cases, or for those patients who need/want the convenience of tablets, the Be Well Center has an herbal pharmacy stocked with frequently prescribed herbs in tablet form.   The tablets are usually swallowed down with water 2-3 times per day. 

Chinese medicinal herbs are harvested from plants (roots, bark, flowers, seeds, fruit), shells, minerals and other sources. Botanists check for accuracy in genus and specie.  Susan  uses herbal and supplement companies with the high test quality of herbal identification and highly rated GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) to assure her herbal clients of their safety.

The Be Well Center also has, in stock, a variety of topical and internal CBD products, vitamins, supplements and botanical oils that Susan has found to be useful in treating the variety of common ailments that she regularly sees in her practice.

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