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If you are a first time client to Susan's acupuncture practice, she will spend time getting to know you by asking you a series of questions called the intake (main complaint(s), symptoms, medical & surgical history, meds & supplements presently taken, nutrition, exercise, stress, et cetera and also do a brief examination in the traditional Oriental method).  Once she has a clear diagnosis in mind, treatment can begin.

Acupuncture treatments are usually done lying down on the treatment table in the most comfortable position possible although treatment for some conditions is done sitting in a comfortable chairSomewhat typically, fine needles are inserted into distal points (hands, arms, feet, and legs) to treat the root causes of a given condition. Other needles are inserted into and around the areas of pain or reactive areas to treat local symptoms.   Susan's treatment may also include heating techniques (such as moxibustion and TDP/heat lamp), energy & blood-quickening  techniques (such as cupping& gua-sha), therapeutic cold laser to treat localized inflammation of tendons & ligaments.  For severe pain, she will usually add electro-stimulation directly to the needles.  For emotional issues/stress  and for deeper relaxation during the treatments, she will will usually add ear acupuncture and send clients home with retained press balls. 

Please discuss with your acupuncturist if you have a fear of needles or if you are very sensitive. Your treatment can be modified to use extremely fine Japanese needles or alternately, in some cases, can be done completely without needles.

At Be Well Holistic Center, Susan uses sterile, one-time use needles of various sizes and lengths  for your individualized acupuncture treatment and practices a strict adherence to aseptic technique.  Treatment tables and all other surfaces in the treatment rooms are cleaned after each treatment.   And, as in any medical office as required by law,  your treatment record and anything you confide to us in the treatment room is held in complete confidence and privacy.

Some conditions respond very quickly to very few treatments (acute or newer problems) while others require longer treatment duration (chronic, severe,  multiple problems). Some people's systems also respond very quickly to acupuncture while others take longerIn the United States, most people have weekly  treatments for a period of time.   Susan will give you an estimate of how many appointments may be needed for your particular condition. The Be Well Holistic philosophy is to tap into your body’s innate healing abilities with acupuncture and possibly other things (herbs, supplements, exercise, nutrition changes, lifestyle modification, etcetera)  in order to make you feel better as quickly as possible and to discharge you from treatment. We’ll be here if you need us again!

At Be Well Holistic, comfort, trust, and privacy is always of primary concern.

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