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    Once the practitioner has spent some time getting information (a complete medical history and traditional Oriental methods of examination) and has a clear diagnosis in mind, the treatment can begin. The treatments, which range 30 to 90 minutes, are healing and most people find them deeply relaxing. A short treatment is always given the day of the first appointment.

    Acupuncture treatments are usually done lying down on the treatment table in the most comfortable position possible although treatment for some conditions is done sitting in a comfortable chair. Somewhat typically, fine needles are inserted into distal points (hands, arms, feet, and legs) to treat the root causes of a given condition. Other needles are inserted into and around the ares of pain or reactive areas to treat local symptoms. Local treatment may also include heat treatments (such as moxibustion), scraping techniques (such as gua-sha), blood-quickening techniques (such as cupping) and therapeutic lasers to treat inflammation and other symptoms of blocked energy.

    Please discuss with your acupuncturist if you have a fear of needles or is you are very sensitive. Your treatment can be modified and done completely without needles or, alternately, with very fine-haired Japanese needles.

    At Be Well Holistic Center, we use sterile, one-time use, and individually wrapped needles of various sizes and lengths to treat you.  We also practice a strict adherence to aseptic technique.  And, as in any medical office, your treatment record and anything you confide to us in the treatment room is held in complete confidence and privacy.

    Some conditions respond very quickly to very few treatments (acute or newer problems) while others require longer treatment duration (chronic and/or multiple problems). Some people also respond very quickly to acupuncture while others take longer. In the United States, most people have weekly or bi-weekly treatments. Your acupuncturist will give you an estimate of how many appointments may be needed for your particular condition. The Be Well Holistic philosophy is to tap into your body’s innate healing abilities with acupuncture and herbs in order to make you feel better as quickly as possible and to discharge you from treatment. We’ll be here if you need us again!

    At Be Well Holisitic, comfort, trust, and privacy is always of primary concern.