Holistic Lifestyle Counseling

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    It is the philosophy of Susan DeAraujo that every person has a deep inner knowledge of what they need to live a life of purpose with the vitality to carry it out. She also acknowledges that some have had their paths clouded along the way with unhealthy lifestyle habits and routines. Some from our upbringings and others we’ve acquired. Some, we are totally aware of and others, we have no idea about.

    Living a holistic lifestyle is not about being or doing things a certain way but rather by being who we truly are and having health in body, mind, and spirit. At Be Well Holistic Center, everyone is accepted the way they are. There is no pressure. The journey toward health is only the individual’s that is seeking it. Our job is to help with gentle reminders, information, books, community resources, and referrals to other health-care practitioners.

    Nutrition plays an important role in health. Clients of Be Well Holistic Center can expect nutritional counseling about food, diet, and supplementation during acupuncture and herbal appointments. Please feel free to ask questions; questions about food, questions about diets, questions about herbs and supplements. Nothing is too simple or too complex! Feel free to bring in your knowledge and things that have worked for you — others may benefit from it!

    Sleep is very important. People who do not adequately rest their bodies are at risk for poor health. Sleep is almost the number one health concern to “fix” in Chinese medicine. Patients often come in with other health complaints but if a person has poor quality of sleep, they will not respond to other treatments! Some sleep complaints are helped by simple remedies, others require herbal treatment. 

    Exercise and movement is important to do everyday. The best exercises are yoga, qigong, taiqi, and simple walking because they build up the body with flexibility, strength and mobility to all the meridians and pathways. They also combine movement with breathing. Following the breath is life sustaining.

     Anxiety and constant stress is very detrimental to well being. Acupuncture/herbal medicine can, for some people, create an inner calm. This is a learned response for some people and, in time, they can re-create it themselves. A meditation, prayer practice, or just, being in the moment, are all spiritual practices that have life-nurturing aspects. Psychological well-being is very important in Chinese medicine. Treatment for unbalanced emotions is included in all acupuncture and herbal treatment. Chinese medicine does not separate parts of the body. All aspects are thought to affect all other parts.