LASER Therapy

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    Every fiber of the human body is made up of living cells that require air, light, water, and food to perform their basic, yet intricate functions of growth, repair, and maintenance. All cells transmit and receive energy across an electromagnetic spectrum from waves through infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. This principle has been known since the beginning of time, as man has intrinsically sought out the sun for healing purposes.

    LASER, an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is really just an amplification of light that is pumped into the selected body tissue with high amplitudes of energy. With the care of knowledgeable practitioner, LASER therapy is safe because the wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum used are in the range of non-ionizing radiation, which have longer, gentler wavelengths: the infrared and visible red beam part of the spectrum.

    LASER therapy, first introduced in a rudimentary form in the 1970s, is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and popular as a surgical tool (a hot, cutting laser) and as an adjunct or stand-alone therapy (a cold, light-infusing laser, also known as a therapeutic LASER) in medical offices of chiropractors, physicians and acupuncturists.

    The Be Well Holistic Center uses a Class IIIb LASER system (a cold, light-infusing laser) with a infrared and red beam (visible) probes. This laser has been carefully manufactured and is pending FDA approval for specific conditions.

    Reducing of inflammation, regeneration of tissue and relief of pain are three conditions most often treated with LASER. Susan DeAraujo, licensed acupuncturist, usually combines laser with the traditional style of Chinese needling and herbs to bring about this therapeutic response, customized to the condition of the patient. Common contitions treated include tendonities, chronic and acute back and neck pain, acute sprains and ligament tears, arthritis, wound healing, carpal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy, just to name a few.