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    Acupuncture works on so many levels of the body and always helps to move a person in the direction of wellness; it is therapy for body, mind, and spirit for the person seeking to make positive and healthy changes their lives. In her work with patients, Susan realizes that even the most motivated people sometimes block the progression to wellness. Some of these blocks are inabilities to relax and de-stress oneself (some people have never experienced true relaxation), anxiety, and long-held thought patterns that are ingrained from childhood / teenagerhood or from long-held behavioral patterns. With this knowledge, Susan brings hypnotherapy into her practice to assist those people that stress, inability to relax, or behavioral thought patterns were getting in the way of their treatment. In some cases, these were the cause of their unwellness.

    Hypnotherapy is done one-on-one with the person, who assists in the planning of the session. The actual session takes place in the treatment room with the person semi-reclining on the treatment table or reclining in the chair. A tape is made of the treatment session – which the person listens to daily or nightly for 21 days. Hypnotherapy allows for the subconscious mind to be accessed, which is where the long-held thought forms are stored. The person being hypnotized must first be deeply relaxed in their physical body and in this deeply relaxed state, the conscious mind is also relaxed. The person is not asleep; they are in a state of heightened awareness and are aware of everything happening in the room at the time. They can easily come out of the hypnotic state by simply opening the eyes. As with all therapies practiced at Be Well, hypnotherapy is safe with the care of an educated and experienced practitioner.

    Susan DeAraujo has successfully used hypnotherapy alone and / or in conjunction with acupuncture for smoking cessation, weight management, stress management, inability to relax, insomnia, self-esteem issues, testing / job anxiety, etc.